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Phifer Window and Porch Screen Mesh

The Darker The Mesh, The Sharper The View!

  • Phiferglass Standard Charcoal (bottom screen left-- Traditional Fiberglass insect screen- proven and reliable. Also very common on window screens and porches in and around Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • BetterVue--Comes in Black (Middle Screen Left). The darker the screen mesh, the sharper the view. BetterVue is costs a little more but is commonly used on screened porches and window screens in the Triangle. 20% more air flow, 20% more optical clarity, 10% better insect protection. 

  • UltraVue--Black (Top Screen Left). Pretty much invisible from 10ft or more away. It is a thinner mesh, so it does not have the strength of a standard charcoal mesh, but it is beautful! 25% Better Airflow and 25% More Optical Clarity; excellent choice for new window screens.

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  • Phifer Pet Screen--Pet resistant insect screening. It is super strong. Composed of Vinyl-coated Polyester. Holds up well to pets and animals. Commonly used on window screens and Screened Porches in and around Cary, North Carolina. Pet Screen actually provides excellent outward visibility and offers more privacy when looking into it.

  • Solar Screen Mesh--We have various solar screen meshes that will block 65 + percent of the sun's heat and glare. Solar screen also holds up well with pets. This great to use for window screens and screened porches. The effect you get on a screened porch with solar screen is a fairly clear view looking out and almost total privacy when trying to look in. Solar screen is fairly expensive but will worth the money the sun is creating uncomfortable areas in your home or porch. 

  • Phifer SeeVue--This window screen mesh is composed of stainless steel. It is the most invisible screen we have encountered. It is super strong, super invisible, and super expensive. We are limited on lengths so panels need to be less than 48 inches. It has outside durablity, protects against insects, it's black finish offers invisibility, has superior airflow, excellent for porch applications, easy to clean. 

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  • Traditional Aluminum Screen Mesh--Not our favorite product to use because it dents, can be cumbersome to work with, and is more expensive. However, if it's what you want, we will make it happen! Our Aluminum screen meshes have great tinsel strength and do have good optical clarity.  Commonly used on Screen Porches, Windows, and Doors. 

  • NoSeeUm 20-20 Screen Mesh-- with a tighter weave to keep to keep tiny bugs like Noseeums out. Mainly used around sandy soils where Noseeums tend to be a problem. This mesh is very expensive, so if you are going for cheap--this might not be a good fit for you.  

  • Frame colors we offer

--left hand column top to bottom--Medium Bronze, Champagne,  White

--Right column from top to bottom--Black, Desert Sand, Blue White, Mill.

The most common sizes of frame for window screens are 5/16 or 716.

We generally use 7/16 rolled aluminum screen frame on Porches but will use 5/16 if you prefer. We feel 7/16 is a stronger and adds more durability.

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